Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Safety

EMI Safety is a regulatory compliance and safety procedures to ensure SSDs pass the Electro-Magnetic Interference test.

All electronic products powered by electricity emits an electromagnetic pulse. EMI testing mainly tests for two main aspects – no excessive electromagnetic interference and normal functionality when subjected to a certain level of electromagnetic interference.

SSSTC SSD complies with the international testing standard protocol CISPR22 by installing SSD correctly in the representational system under a pre-defined Radiated Emission environment, to verify normal functionality in the system setting with performance uncompromised by EMI.

Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Safety 3

All SSSTC SSD products should pass Electro-Magnetic Compatibility testing in compliance with Taiwan’s EMS CNS 13438 Class B standard. The tests include a 10-meter open testing area or half electric wave and EMC certification for all nations. EMC is the result of passing both EMI and EMS testing. SSSTC SSD features EMI-proof capability operating normally in an environment of particular electromagnetic level.